Yerrabi Pond Deserves Investment

Recently, I caught up with the Friends of Yerrabi group who have worked hard gathering more than 1,000 signatures to petition for long-overdue amenities at Yerrabi Pond. They are calling on the Government, after 20 years of neglect, to provide basics such as toilets, bins, and signs. I believe the local community should not have to bring forward a petition to achieve such a fundamental contribution from this Government, it should just be business-as-usual.

Small businesses around the pond receive little support. They are feeling the brunt of the lack of facilities as are the many residents. This especially applies to those in nearby apartments, who rely on this precinct as vital recreation space.

Without these basic, but vital amenities, the Yerrabi pond district is becoming a ghost town once the sun sets – residents do not feel safe late at night and cannot linger too long without proper facilities.

I supported a motion introduced into the ACT Legislative Assembly in response to the petition from the local community. However, I did this with a degree of caution – as this motion was brought about by the same Government responsible for the neglect. If experience shows me anything, promises made by this mob are often broken, so I will not hold my breath waiting for action on this front. Rest assured, I will however keep asking the questions and highlighting the contempt that Labor and the Greens have for our local community.