What is happening to Boomanulla Oval?

Boomanulla Oval, closed in November 2014, has been a sporting and cultural centre for Canberra’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community for the past 30 years, and is much missed as a venue for their events. Yesterday in the Assembly, I asked the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, why the oval has been left derelict for the last 2 years, what was being done to restore the Boomanulla Oval to the community.

Unfortunately, the Minister was not up to speed with this issue for the community, though has promised to come back to the Assembly with a response. We do know that last year, the government, after more than a year of inaction, finally put out an expression of interest on the oval for new management. The EOI closed in April. We are all awaiting the result to that EOI, though nothing has been released to the public or the indigenous community.

Meanwhile, the oval is getting more and more derelict, whilst the cost of repair and restoration has been estimated at $3.5 million. We will be asking the government if they are going to put aside money for this in the 2017-18 budget as a matter of priority for the community.