QON Ground Hire Fees

Mr Milligan MLA to ask the Minister for Sports and Recreation:

In reference to: Ground Hire Fees
  1. What are the ground hire fees for each sports grounds and oval in the ACT
    1. How much have they increased in the last 4 years
    2. What percentage do the fees contribute to general revenue
    3. What percentage of the maintenance of the grounds is covered by the ground hire fees?
  2. What does the hire of the grounds cover?
    1. What responsibilities do the clubs have?
    2. What additional fees are there – e.g. lighting?
  3. What is the estimated budget required to maintain an individual sport ground or oval?
    1. What is the breakdown of that cost?
    2. What is the total budget that has been allocated towards maintenance and upkeep of ovals and sports grounds?
  4. What is the priority for the maintenance of sports grounds?
  5. Status of oval closures and openings since mid-2015
    1. Of the 32 closed how many have been refurbished and re-opened?
    2. What is the priority for the re-opening of further ovals and sports grounds?