QON Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage

Mr Milligan MLA to ask the Minister for Indigenous Affairs:

In reference to: Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage_ Key Indicators 2016 – Report

Over the last 8 years since committing to the six targets for closing the gap in Indigenous disadvantage, Minister, can you please advise me:

  1. What policies, projects and programmes have been implemented in the past 8 years to meet the 6 COAG targets as they pertain to the ACT?
    1. Particularly the headline indicators?
    2. For halving the gap in reading, writing and numeracy achievements for children within the decade?
    3. Halving the gap for Indigenous students in Year 12 attainment rates or equivalent attainment by 2020? and
    4. Halving the gap in employment outcomes within a decade?
  2. What is the estimated budget which has been provided to the projects, programmes and policies?
    1. What is the total budget that has been made available?
    2. What are the annual expenditures?
    3. Are budget tied to particular benchmarks or outcomes to be met?
  3. What evaluations have been conducted to ensure stated outcomes were being met?
  4. What were the outcomes/outputs of these evaluations?