Government Ignores the Needs of ACTs Indoor Sports Participants

Media release
Thursday 16 February 2017


Yesterday in the Assembly the Canberra Liberals called on the government to take immediate action and work with the owners and managers to ensure that the Mpowerdome remains a viable contributor to the health and wellbeing of Canberrans.

“The amendment to the motion put forward by the Minister for Sports and Recreation, Yvette Berry, again shows the total disregard for the needs and wants of the people of Canberra. The Minister is only interested in the government’s own agendas, not the actual needs of the people of Canberra,” Mr Milligan said.

“The Canberra Liberals recognise the need for the mpowerdome, as a multi-court facility, which can service thousands of people each week, for a range of sporting codes. In return the government has offered access to a few widely spread schools, not all in the area, which can house one or two activities in small and inadequate facilities for major competition.

“It is untenable, for the government to ask the Mpowerdome to remediate and refit the area currently used for overflow parking on government land. The government should take immediate action to improve the car park at Mpowerdome, on what is after all, government land, so that the facility can be re-opened.

“The government’s healthy living initiatives attempt to encourage people in Canberra to get active, but then make it difficult to do so. The lack of indoor sporting facilities is forcing our Canberra teams to find accommodation outside of the Territory. It is time the government listened to the needs of the people, and move on making available quality multi-court indoor facilities, suitable for a range of sports and competition,” Mr Wall said.

“We want Canberrans to be active, we want to promote a healthy life style, and we want to encourage participation in sport for all age groups. I welcome the motion by Mr Wall, and look forward to the government’s action to bring this centre back online, as recommended in its own 2015 ACT Indoor Sports Facilities Study report,” Mr Milligan concluded.
James Milligan MLA
Member for Yerrabi
Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation

Andrew Wall MLA
Member for Brindabella
Shadow Minister for Education and Training
Shadow Minister for Local Business and Tourism
Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations