Yerrabi School Parking Concerns

Yerrabi School Parking Concerns

You spoke up, and I listened. I have listened to the public concern about the rapidly growing Gungahlin / Yerrabi area and the lack of accessible parking. 

Labour has not ensured that local infrastructure keeps up with the release of land and development and region growth. 

Labours Travel push discouraging the use of cars, issuing fines, while the transport network isn’t up to scratch, but we understand this is not for everyone. 

My team and I within the Liberal party are proactive on local infrastructure and understand the growing demand for better parking, especially around local schools. 

I have already done this with the Palmerston parking grounds. It is competent and credible, let me listen to your concerns and allow me to implement better parking strategies 

With Labour failing to keep up with the demand of growing infrastructure and the demand for school parking, let the Canberra Liberals support parents and make sure the roads and parking around our schools are safe and accessible.