Softening the Blow for Combat Sports

Softening the Blow for Combat Sports

November 2018 saw the introduction of legislation which fundamentally changed the way controlled sports are regulated in the ACT.

Although this reform was needed, the approach taken was quite flawed and will have a negative impact on local sport and fitness activities.

Canberra Liberals have put forward a series of amendments to soften the impact it may have on local businesses and grassroots sport, our main concern with this Bill is the over-regulation of sport.

The changes the Canberra Liberals have made will restore some balance and common sense to the regulation of combat sports as the approach of this legislation is fundamentally flawed.

We hope that this round of regulation doesn’t drive more sporting events interstate, making the ACT look disincentive for local clubs competitions and tournaments.

Unfortunately, all we can do now is wait and watch to see how the implementation of this framework impacts the combat sports sector.