Rates Regime Revenue

Rates Regime Revenue

Ten years of empty promises. The Labour government promised to slash land tax but instead gave you higher, unfair rates.

Chief Minister, Andrew Barr peddled more untruths about the impact of the ACT Government’s unfair rates regime, assuring the Assembly his regime was revenue neutral even though rates revenue has increased 134 per cent since reform began in 2011-12.

Canberrans deserve an honest leader who is able to take responsibility for the government’s problematic and destructive policies.

If Barr believes his regime is revenue neutral when the facts show revenue has skyrocketed, then he is delusional. Barr’s response today is an insult to every Canberran who is experiencing financial hardship as a result of his unfair tax regime.

Change is long overdue. Electing the liberal party and myself, we will take corrective action to abolish and freeze these rates while actively listening to your concerns.