Local Businesses feeling the pain of Increased Crime

Local Businesses feeling the pain of Increased Crime

Our local businesses have felt the pain associated with crime surrounding the Yerrabi region in addition to the wave of theft, burglaries and property damage.

The Canberra Liberals have been contacted by numerous local businesses in the Gungahlin region who are concerned about the impact of crime on their business. The cost associated with break-ins, graffiti and vandalism is something that is really hurting small businesses.

The Government needs to take responsibility here and step up to support these local businesses.

More police on the street and more resources, to not just investigate matters but conduct preventative policing to deter this crime from happening in the first place.

We at the Canberra Liberals understand the struggle of hard-working families and their small businesses, which is why we are dedicated to helping such businesses thrive in our growing community. Though, we can’t do that with the rising crime rates and no resources for preventative measures.

The business community in Canberra deserves better.