Gungahlin Residents Fearful of Increasing Crime

Gungahlin Residents Fearful of Increasing Crime

Residents of the Gungahlin region have expressed concern of an increased criminal behaviour within their area. Reporting assaults, car thefts, slashed tyres, burglaries, drug-related public disturbances, knife-wielding and more. 

These residents are worried that crime is getting worse, and they want to know what the government is going to do about it. 

Canberrans deserve to feel safe in their homes and suburbs. 

The Canberra Liberals have been contacted by hundreds of residents in Gungahlin who are concerned at the rate of crime in their suburbs. 

We do not want members of our community fearing for their safety or the safety of their property when they leave their homes. It is a part of our initiatives to reduce crime rates within the Gungahlin region. 

Feeling safe in your home is not something residents should have to ask for, so we at the Canberra Liberals are dedicated to reducing crimes and letting residents feel safe in their homes again.