Find your Game

Find your Game

Over the past ten years, the investment in sport and recreation has not kept pace with the needs of our growing city. This neglect needs to be rectified.

My view is that the ACT desperately needs a plan, a real vision and solid direction, for the immediate and longer-term future, on how to support all Canberrans to become more active and more involved in sport and recreation at all levels.

The Canberra Liberals are releasing FIND YOUR GAME after 12 months of consulting with sporting clubs and associations. This is just the beginning and we want to hear from more members of the community so we can develop more initiatives once in government.

We will look at the adequacy of local sporting assets, taking into account things like population growth, trends in participation, our climate and factor future demand.

The Federal Government is active in encouraging everyone to find their 30 minutes of active time. I think an ACT Government must contribute by providing more opportunities for more people to Find Your Game.

I want to help families and individuals to afford to participate in sport and recreation ensuring everyone, no matter what their age or background, is able to FIND YOUR GAME.

The neglect and mismanagement of our local sporting assets needs to stop. We must bring back the fun and start to say yes to more events and activities for our local community to enjoy.

We aim to celebrate motorsport events like Summernats and promote more opportunities for tourism and motoring enthusiasts, as summernats has a proud and long history in Canberra.

There are people in our community who would like to be more active and connected but barriers such as cost and access have kept them away, we are here to break those barriers and engage Canberrans back into the sport and recreation scene.