FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Being the Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation it is important to me that the ACT and surrounding regions have the opportunity to be a part of events held within our territory, while also making sure those events are brought to our stadiums. 

Earlier this year it was discussed that the FIFA Women’s World Cup could be brought to Canberra, though the labour party shut that down. 

It was a surprise that they did not want to be a part of this global event nor have the opportunity to benefit from this level of exposure to all parts of the world, putting Canberra on the map. 

This type of recurring event would bring millions of tourism dollars to the ACT, be good for women’s sport, show juniors positive female role models and overall would just be good fun. 

There is no greater way to promote and grow female participation in sport than a World Cup event held in our backyard. Canberrans love their sport and there is no better chance to highlight that than to witness the world’s best footballers in action. 

This event would have provided Canberrans with the opportunity to get involved in sport and be active.