• 2 Weeks – 7 Speeches

    2 Weeks – 7 Speeches

    It will be a busy two weeks here at the Assembly.  In May the government presented the budget, and these…

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  • Estimate Hearings

    Estimate Hearings

    These two weeks of Assembly life are all about Estimates Hearings. Here we have an opportunity to ask questions of…

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  • 2017 Sitting Weeks

    2017 Sitting Weeks

    Sitting weeks are a hectic time! But we enjoy the challenge of keeping the government honest. We have just completed…

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  • Clean Up Australia Day March 2017

    Clean Up Australia Day March 2017

    This coming March I am proud to be hosting a site at the Yerrabi park for 'Clean Up Australia Day'…

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  • First sitting

    First sitting

    Tomorrow is the first sitting of parliament. It is a pleasure and an honour to be representing the people of Yerrabi…

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  • Inaugural Speech

    Inaugural Speech

    On December the fifteenth, I will be presenting my inaugural speech to the house. I am looking forward to sharing this…

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  • Swearing In Ceremony

    Swearing In Ceremony

    My swearing in ceremony, as the Member in the Legislative Assembly for Yerrabi, was on the 31st of October. It…

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  • Elected!


    Well it took a little while to be finalised, however, we are finally in! My thanks to all my supporters…

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