It’s a full-on two weeks in the ACT Assembly!

It is a busy two weeks here at the Assembly.  In May the government presented the budget, and these next two weeks we are debating the provisions. There has been some interesting oversights and obfuscations!

I will be spending quite some time in the chamber as we deliver the debate – and point out the many deficits in the budget provisions for the indigenous community and our sporting bodies.

You can follow me on Assemblies on demand:

  • Tuesday 14 August – I will speak on the Sports and Rec portfolio and deliver a scathing rebuke to the Minister for her continued neglect of our grassroots sporting bodies.
  • Tuesday I will also be introducing the many shortcomings for this government in indigenous affairs. As this is a portfolio which covers many areas, I will be putting in quite a few appearances. On this day I will discuss the Arts portfolio, and the lack of real funding committed by this government to indigenous arts and culture.
  • On Thursday 16th we turn our attention to the Community Services Directorate. As you know during the last sitting we presented a motion of no confidence in the Minister for her failure with regards to Bimbirri. Unfortunately, this is not the only area where she has shown a regrettable lack of insight. We have quite a few questions which we would like to see her respond to.
  • ON Thursday we will also be speaking on the Education Directorate. Our schools are not meeting the needs of indigenous Canberrans, with many students up to 2 years behind their non-indigenous counterparts. But it is not all bad news, as you can hear on Thursday.
  • Next week Tuesday 22nd August, I will be presenting on some of the failed promises by this government for Gungahlin, before once again speaking to indigenous issues, this time in Health.
  • Thursday 24th will be my final appearance in the budget debate line-up, speaking first on indigenous housing issues, before concluding this important portfolio area with the Justice and community safety directorate.

As I said, it will be a busy couple of weeks!